Clinical Specialization Certifications


Our knowledge-based certifications enable and empower professionals by recognizing and regarding their specialized and advanced training. Developed by leading experts with indepth knowledge and experience, our certifications are designed to be accessible and affordable.

Certifications in Clinical Specialization

ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider - CCSP

Show clients, peers and employers that you have advanced training and experience in working with ADHD-diagnosed individuals.

Certified Addictions-Informed Professional - CAIMHP

Gain the trust of your addicted clients, and let the know you can help them find a path to recovery and healing. Certification demonstrates your training and passion for treating addition in clients.

Certified Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist - CAGCS

Certified Child & Adolescent Grief Counseling Specialist - CGCS-CA

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional - CCATP

Certified Clinical Child & Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professional - CCATP-CA

Certification provides assurance to clients that you have advanced clinical training and interest in working with Anxiety in children to bring peace to their lives.

Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional - CCFP

Feelings of compassion fatigue – hopelessness, stress, emotional burnout and exhaustion – impact professionals of all kinds. Become Certified in compassion fatigue and help yourself and others reclaim the joy and fulfilment that originally attracted you to your profession.

Certified Fall Prevention Specialist - CFPS

Certified Grief Counseling Specialist - CGCS

People experience Grief from big, life-shattering events as well as small losses to their daily routines and relationships. Certified Grief Counseling Specialists have training in evidence-based counseling strategies that can help struggling clients find meaning after loss.

Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional - CIMHP

Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Provider - C-PD

Become Certified and add powerful, evidence-based approaches to help change tough, explosive, combative and maladaptive behavior patterns in Personality Disorder diagnosed clients.

Certified Shame-Informed Treatment Specialist - CSTS

Certified Specialist in Anger Management - CSAM

Angry clients can be the most unpredictable and anxiety-inducing population to treat. Certification evidences that you have training in the clinical tools that can fundamentally change their anger communication and relationships with others.

Certified Specialist in Child and Adolescent Anger Management - CSAM-CA

Certified Youth Mental Health Specialist - CYMHS

Evergreen Certified Dementia Care Specialist - ECDCS

Clients and patients diagnosed with Dementia can be the most rewarding yet challenging individuals to help. This Certification is designed to recognize specialized training in the latest standards and techniques for caring for patients and clients diagnosed with Dementia. Learn how Certification can change your career!

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