Professional Certifications


Our knowledge-based certifications enable and empower professionals by recognizing and regarding their specialized and advanced training. Developed by leading experts with indepth knowledge and experience, our certifications are designed to be accessible and affordable.

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Treatment Modality Certification

Certification in today's evidence-based approaches shows you have training in the skills needed to improve outcomes.

Clinical Specialization Certification

Clients come to you with a wide range of symptoms and diagnoses. A specialized certification attracts these clients.

Trauma Treatment Certification

Invest in yourself, your clients and your career by earning a Certification in today’s cutting edge trauma treatment skills.

Certified Provider Registry

Find a certified professional in your area - or sign up and get listed!

Why Choose Evergreen Certifications?

Clinical Expertise

Clinical Expertise

Master clinicial skills, build credibility and distinguish yourself from your peers.

Experienced Advisors

Experienced Advisory Board

Certification standards are developed and verified by leading topical experts.

Client Trust

Client Trust

Certification provides assurance to clients that you have advanced training and interest in treating clients.

International Recognition

International Recognition

Our certifications are held by professionals practicing across the globe.

Career Advancement

Career Advancement

Stay ahead of the curve by earning certifications in proven approaches and techniques.

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